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Welcome to Physiofitness Physiotherapy Maidenhead

Experienced hands-on physiotherapy in Maidenhead Berkshire, for sports injuries and general aches and pains. All treatment is evidence based on the most up to date research, patients will be assessed from a whole body point of view and not just the site of pain.

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Why choose PhysioFitness Physiotherapy?

  • Over 17 years of successful patient management and experience

  • Hands-on treatment

  • Many available treatment options

  • Registered with major insurance companies

  • Caring and respectful approach

  • Non-judgemental

  • Online booking



What physiotherapy treatments are available?

Whether you have a simple ache or pain, sports injury, whiplash, low back pain or neck pain, we have a physiotherapy treatment plan that will get you back on track. Whenever choosing the correct course of physio treatment for your particular problem you will have a thorough physiotherapy assessment beforehand. This may include looking at areas which you feel are unconnected, however sometimes these areas can be linked and ensuring these are looked at will ensure you receive the correct physiotherapy input. In certain circumstances acupuncture may be offered to aid the release of muscle spasm and control pain.

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Physiotherapy techniques that may be used include:

  • Posture correction exercise regimes.
  • Sports massage, acupuncture, instrument assisted soft tissue massage for the release of soft tissue tension, muscle tightness and pain relief.
  • Stretches and myofascial release to overcome muscle tension and muscle spasm.
  • Ultrasound and scar massage to soften scar tissue.
  • Acupuncture for management of pain and muscle tension.
  • Joint mobilisations and manipulations for releasing joint stiffness and improving mobility.
  • Corrective taping using kinesiotape or leukotape for posture correction, muscle tension and biofeedback.
  • Gait re-education (correction of walking patterns) may also be used when necessary.
  • Advice and education will also be given to allow you to understand the problem in its entirety and continue with self-management strategies in between appointments.

(Note: Occasionally new techniques may become available which may not be listed here, and if appropriate and after discussion these may also be used.)



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